HACK: 3 Simple Steps To Build An Emergency Fund

Trying to move forward in your finances? Building an emergency fund is ABSOLUTELY essential! You may have heard this term on our site other through other bloggers, speakers, books, etc. So what IS an emergency fund? It’s pretty self explanatory really. It’s an amount of money set aside for emergencies. Now by emergencies we aren’t […]

OPINION POST: Is The Stock Market About To Crash?

Hi Everyone, Click HERE for an interesting article on how Warren Buffett watches the stock market, prepares for a potential crash and what indicators he looks at to prepare for future changes. As you may know Warren Buffett is now worth an approximated 93.2 billion dollars. You could say he knows a thing of two about money. […]

3 Ways to Focus on The Now to Achieve Your Financial Goals

This is something that used to sound like very hyper-spiritual, Guru Speak to me. Now? No. I want to focus on my future. I would do this by identifying things I don’t like about my present and then develop a plan to change them for the future. Sounds great right?  Make a goal, set it, […]