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Here are some great ideas on saving money in a tangible way that will bring you closer to financial freedom in your own life.

Avoiding Lifestyle Inflation

So what IS lifestyle inflation? The name may be a little self explanatory but let’s dive deeper into this topic to make sure we are all on the same page. Lifestyle inflation is allowing your monthly expenses to increase as your income increases over time. Many times lifestyle inflation can actually outpace your income very […]

Three Phrases to Use When Getting Out of Debt That Will Surprise You!

There is a very bad word in the English Language. Let me tell you…you may lose friends over this word. I’m actually not kidding at all. You may have people tell you you’re crazy. You may have people Judge you. Ultimately, it’s not about that. Using this word gives you the most powerful tool in […]

Natural Money Inclinations in Handling Finances

When it comes to handling personal finances, the majority of people fall into either the spender or saver category. Recognizing your own natural bent in this area can be vital in helping you attain your personal goals. For example, if your goal is to be debt free but you’re a natural spender it is good […]