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These posts are about how to pay off debt quickly and how to avoid debt moving forward.

7 Tips to Making a Quick Extra $1,000

Let’s get right into it.  Sometimes, we don’t know WHY we are spending so much money. To figure out WHY, sometimes we have to change up WHAT we’re doing. Okay DISCLAIMER: I’m writing this to my past self. This is NOT meant to be condescending or mean, think FOOTBALL COACH “no excuses” attitude before the […]

My Credit Card Debt is HOW MUCH???

Credit card debt….ouch. It’s a touchy subject!   Hi everyone, here is a quick post with some statistics on credit card debt in the United States. According to, the aggregate credit card debt in the US topped 1.027 trillion dollars. That’s trillion with a T. I can barely wrap my head around that number. […]

Financial Freedom and What it Can Mean for Your Life

Financial freedom means different things for different people. Some may think of financial freedom as being able to pay for whatever they want at a moment’s notice. For others, it’s the euphoric feeling that being debt free can bring. For some it means having the time to really take in life as a whole, develop […]

The Black Box and Why it Will Change Your Life

Getting out of debt is a game. That sounds kinda weird. There’s nothing fun or funny about being broke, but actually, if you can take it in good humor, it’s a fun game. Let’s look at this thing like a computer hacker would. Hackers use the Black Box theory.  Black Box is literally my favorite […]