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GUEST POST: Well and Wealthy – Why I Left the 9 to 5 Life

Hi everyone, We are very excited to present this guest post to you from Sammy over at Well and Wealthy. She is as passionate about finances as we are and she has a really unique story. Without further ado, from all the way across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom, here is Sammy’s story! Check […]

GUEST POST: Dollar After Dollar on Stop Trading Time for Money

Hi everyone, Check out this fantastic guest post from Dollar After Dollar. Matt and I are passionate about this very topic. We consistently talk about not wasting time, how to be more efficient and how to make our time as valuable as possible. I like how Andrew explains that the “American Dream” somehow became the […]

GUEST POST: Tread Lightly Retire Early on Thirty Financial Successes!

Hi everyone, check out this guest post from Angela over at Tread Lightly, Retire Early. She gives 30 great money saving tips and wrote them on her birthday (now that’s dedication). Some of the tips are from her past and are what have put her in a strong financial situation. Others are current and really […]

GUEST POST: The Budgeting Wife on 10 Things Limiting You From Becoming Debt Free

At the Dollar Hackers, we run into some really cool people on the internet in the finance space. Sometimes we befriend them and post content on our Guest Post segment of the blog. We are not the only ones hustling to get out of debt and we love sharing new content! I can happily say, […]