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Here you will find posts on a variety of topics to help you win with Money. A lot of these will be about Mindset!

They Call Me… Mr. Cheap!

Ever been told you’re so tight with money that your butt squeaks? I haven’t either….but probably only because my friends likely haven’t heard that phrase before. I get called cheap….pretty regularly. Sometimes it bothers me…sometimes it doesn’t. It bothers me when I get called cheap by people who have no financial goals, no plan for […]

5 Important Money Topics to Discuss in Marriage

Money, it can make or break your life, relationships and long term goals. According to a 2015 survey report by CNBC, 35% of all respondents that were in a relationship at the time exclaimed that money issues was a primary cause of stress in the relationship. Finances affect everyone and almost everything in life in […]

4 Money Mistakes to Avoid That Can Ruin Relationships

Money and relationships is like water and oil, they just don’t mix. Matt and I have often discussed with each other conversations that we have had about money in the past with family, friends or just acquaintances that took an awkward turn at some point. Someone’s feelings get hurt, someone gives unsolicited advice, a friend […]

Merry Christmas from The Dollar Hackers!

We just wanted to encourage you for two seconds!  Merry Christmas to every single one of the Dollar Hackers out there.  We believe that this coming year is going to be your most potent, powerful, and fulfilling year yet.  Today, let us reflect on the gift of God’s Love for us and remember that he […]