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It Takes WORK To Be Successful – 3 Steps To Achieve Financial Success

Thomas Edison was once quoted saying “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Here’s the deal, it takes work to be successful. I don’t mean like clock in clock out during the week, enjoy the weekend, try to catch up on sleep and start all over […]

3 Ways to Focus on The Now to Achieve Your Financial Goals

This is something that used to sound like very hyper-spiritual, Guru Speak to me. Now? No. I want to focus on my future. I would do this by identifying things I don’t like about my present and then develop a plan to change them for the future. Sounds great right?  Make a goal, set it, […]

Go With The Flow – Follow the Money!

This is not normally what you hear from people talking about being smart with money and protecting our cash. Just “going with it” usually ends up costing us a lot of time and money.  So DISCLAIMER: I’m NOT saying to do whatever is convenient in this post.  That said, however, I want to talk about […]